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Phuket's radiant, gleaming white sand beaches are world-famous. Here, visitors from Hollywood starlets to Minnesota families of four rub elbows as they roast in the hot sun and frolic in the surf.

Northern Beaches

Hat Mai Khao
This incredibly long stretch of golden sand is located just north of the airport, and is the longest beach on Phuket. It is also the most deserted, so if solitude and serenity is on the itinerary, this beach is perfect. Mai Khao is part of Sirinath National Park, and includes Hat Nai Yang and Hat Nai Thon to the south. In 1981, the area became a national park to protect Olive Ridley Sea Turtles that lay their eggs along the shore from November to February.

Hat Nai Yang
This nationally protected beach is a little slice of Heaven, haloed with graceful casuarinas trees, and popular with the locals.

Hat Nai Thon
Nai Thon beach is about 15 km south of the airport, isolated by a road that winds over hills, through the jungle and rubber plantations. This pristine beach is part of the Sirinat National Park with Nai Yang and Mai Khao, and is an excellent place for a quiet swim or sunbaths.

Bang Thao
Boasting one of Phuket's longest beaches, visitors wanting to soak up some rays on this 8 km stretch of soda-white sand will find a quiet spot to park their beach blanket at the northern end of the beach. The southern end of the beach has more action because it is more developed, so for those wanting to stay close to amenities and shopping, it’s the perfect spot.

Popular with locals, Surin beach is a quiet, peaceful, undeveloped stretch of sand north of Kamala, fringed with tall, graceful casuarinas trees. The beach can get busy on the weekends during high season, with visitors and locals alike frequenting the shaded seafood stalls and restaurants that line the beach.

A serene beach escape just 10 minutes from Patong, Kamala Beach offers a quiet respite from the crazy hustle and bustle of the city, with a great reef for snorkeling just a few meters offshore at the southern end. One of the lesser-developed beaches, Kamala provides a true local experience for dining and shopping. Visitors take note. During the rainy season, currents here can get a little dicey because of the sharp drop-off.

Laem Singh
This secluded beach a few minutes' drive north of Kamala is easily missed if visiters are not watching for the small road signs directing them to the car park areas on the road between Kamala and Surin. A busy beach, especially on weekends, Laem Singh has plenty of sunbeds to relax on and soak up not only the sun, but also the beauty of one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. Laem Singh rests on a small, curving bay at the bottom of steep, forested cliffs, making for a challenging walk from the first parking area. For an easier – but slightly longer – trek to the beach, park in the second car park found along the northbound road from Kamala. This beach has a more private feel, sheltered by the cliffs and accessible only by a short walk.

Patong is easily Phuket’s busiest resort area, and boasts a crazy party scene. Hedonistic nightlife aside, Patong is still a popular family destination, with its gleaming 3 km beach and clear, sparkling water providing a plethora of activities for all ages. Visitors will find deck chairs to relax on and umbrellas to provide a little shade when the sun gets too warm, as well as a ton of amenities close by.

Southern Beaches

A 4 km slice of powdery-white sand, Karon is just south of Patong. Unlike Patong, Karon is usually a nice, quiet spot for relaxing and sunbathing. A few resorts and hotels scatter the length of the beach, but since they’re separated from the beach by a road, they're not imposing. The southern point of Karon Beach has a coral reef for snorkeling. In the rainy season, visitors can grab a surfboard and hang ten in the powerful waves.

Near the southern end of Phuket is Kata Beach, divided into two stunning, quiet, family-friendly beaches, Kata Yai and Kata Noi. Kata Yai is the larger of the two beaches, bordering a picturesque bay with a view of Pu Island at the northern end. A few resorts exist along the beach, but Kata Yai offers visitors a cozy experience, with few distractions. Kata Noi has little development, providing a supreme beach getaway for those looking for true R&R.

Nai Han
Easy to get to from Kata or Karon, some consider Nai Han one of the loveliest beaches on Phuket. A quiet, beautiful beach near the southern tip of the island, the Samnak Song Nai Han Monastery occupies a large portion of the beachfront, keeping development to a minimum.

Rawai offers visitors an authentic experience, as it's one of the most popular beaches with the locals who come to enjoy the seafood and magnificent view of the distant islands. Although many small boats anchor offshore, distracting somewhat from the beauty of the area, swimming is great year-round. A sea-gypsy village at the eastern end of the beach offers local handcrafts, so enjoy a Thai snack, or purchase fish from the market. The southernmost tip of the island provides breathtaking sunset views from Laem Phrom Thep.

Laem Ka
A slightly better beach than Rawai, Laem Ka is just north of Rawai on a small, rocky bay, also popular with locals on the weekend.

Phuket Town – Cape Panwa
Just south of Phuket Town, Cape Panwa provides visitors magnificent views from lush, green hills, and a lovely, quiet beach for time away from just about everything.

Ya Nui
This small, quiet beach is one of Phuket's best-kept secrets, with a small reef for snorkeling during the dry season. Ya Nui is close to many of the island's southern hotels, despite its tucked-away location at the bottom of the hill between Laem Prom Thep and the "windmill" hill to the west. Whether it's a family vacation or a quiet getaway for one you seek, one of the beach on Phuket will have exactly what the doctor ordered.