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Without question, Phuket is known for "anything goes" nightlife. Whether it's a quiet night out with dinner for two, a show and a walk on the beach, or a wild and crazy night of bar-hopping, visitors to Phuket won't be disappointed. What follows is a rundown of the most popular nightspots in Phuket's two largest cities, Phuket Town and Patong.

Phuket Town

Phuket Town's nightlife is tame compared to the all-out party atmosphere of Patong, and has a distinct Asian flavor. Considered rather quiet and boring by some, Phuket Town's nightlife gives visitors a real taste of the true Thai lifestyle and culture. Attractions spread out a little more than at Patong, but all have their fun, quirky way, with not much taken too seriously.

Soi Romanee

Like many streets in Phuket Town's Old Quarter, Soi Romanee is indicative of Phuket’s history, showcasing its famous Sino-Portuguese architecture. A walk along this street, which connects Thalang Road with Dibuk Road, takes visitors past shophouses and vintage buildings that are now bars, cafes and guesthouses for a relaxing and easy-going night out. The more popular hotspots on Soi Romanee include 18 Romanee, @9, and Glastnost.

18 Romanee is actually 18 Romanee Romance Café & Antiques, and the liveliest address on the street. This small café serves up budget-friendly Thai food with a side of antiques like Chinese records, Chinese-style paintings and photos, plus sweet boxes, all accompanied by a laid-back atmosphere. Red, green or yellow curry dishes are popular at 18 Romanee, and their fresh fruit smoothies help visitors cool down after a day of exploring or sunbathing in the hot sun.

@9 is an eclectic mix of open-air café, art gallery and 5-room guesthouse, and is a great place to stop for a drink whether it's 9am or 9pm In fact, since @9 doesn't have a door, it doesn't close in the technical sense.

Any lawyer would be envious of the combination law office and café/bar that's Glastnost, which is run by a lawyer who's also a jazz aficionado. Glastnost serves coffee only, but beer is available from the nearby guesthouse. If there's a jazz-lover in the group, this venue should be on their must-see list as it occassionally hosts live music.

Chana-Charoen Road

The Kor Tor Mor Club is a trendy, popular club/pub near the Seahorse Circle (also known as Nimit Circle) that’s normally jam-packed on weekends, and virtually impossible to get into some Friday Nights. No cork or cover charge exists for those bringing their own liquor, but patrons will have to shell out for mix, ice and beer. A "no shorts, no sandals", higher-style club catering to trendy Thais, the house band cranks out Thai pop, and DJ’s heat up the dance floor between sets and later in the evening.

Next door to the Kor Tor Mor Club is the Johnny Walker pub, the Aek-Ka-Nek, with a slightly quieter atmosphere than the Kor Tor Mor, and a kickin' house band.

Montree Road

Around the Metropole Hotel, visitors will find bars like Fantasia, Pink Chamois and Pink Lady with skimpily-clad Thai girls, karaoke, and other 'services', as well as the T2 Live Music for a little booty-shakin'. And, who doesn't love a great Irish pub? O'Malley's is in the heart of Phuket Town, and a comfortable place for families. Serving pub food, drink and coffee, O’Malley’s is a great spot to catch up with local expats, shoot a game of pool, connect via WiFi or kick virtual butt on a Playstation 3.

No shortage of bars and restaurants exist around Phuket Town, with the Roxy Bar over on Phang Nga Road, the Rockin' Angels Bar on Rassada Road, and several popular hangouts on Takua Pa Road, Phuket Road, and other notorious roads in the city.

For those looking for something to do besides eating and drinking, you could try a game of bowling at the CS Bowl Centre Entertainment, or a flick at the SFX Coliseum at Central Festival Phuket Shopping Mall.


The glitz, glamour and girls of Patong almost puts Las Vegas to shame, and the hedonistic party scene draws visitors from every walk of life. From go-go bars and discos, to popular gay hotspots and ladyboy cabaret's, it's definitely walking on the wild side partying in Patong.

Soi Bangla

Patong’s party central, Soi Bangla jumps to life at sunset. Roads close to accommodate the throngs of people, and the atmosphere is one of friendly, unthreatening chaos as the open-air bars try to entice customers with girls and loud music.

Soi Lion only has ten bars, making it the perfect soi to drink the night away, while Soi Tiger's perfect for booty shakin’, and as one of the only roofed sois, becomes crowded when a sudden rain storm hits.

Soi Seadragon's the go-go bar soi, where patrons can watch scantily-clad lovelies shake their moneymaker, but for those wanting a beer and a chat, a few quieter venues are available as well.

Soi Vegas has a mix of just about everything, from discos and go-go bars, to flamboyant ladyboys shaking it up on a stage.

Other hot sois in the Soi Bangla district include Soi Eric, Soi Gonzo, Soi Easy, and Soi Crocodile, all with their own carefully crafted chaos.

Royal Paradise Complex

Definitely no "don't ask, don't tell" policy exists in this place! It’s estimated that about half of the businesses in the Royal Paradise Complex are run by, or cater to, gay people. Many small bars feature a fine selection of young men who sit, talk and share drinks with patrons, with no obligation to spend any more than the price of a drink. Visitors describe the atmosphere in the area as friendly, peppered with the occasional invitation to perform in a cabaret, get a massage, or perhaps have some private company.

One of the first establishments to open in the Complex was the My Way Cabaret, featuring gay cabaret performances by attractive young men and transvestites. The cabaret draws international entertainers and visitors, including Asian women looking for an "instant boyfriend", and couples who want to watch something a little different.

Other well-known bars in the Royal Paradise Complex include the Time Bar, Boat Bar, Tangmo Club, Spartacus Gay Bar, and the Kiss Disco. Several popular guesthouses, spas, restaurants and other establishments cater to the gay lifestyle in the Complex.