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Phuket weather and seasons

Many consider Phuket's climate tropical monsoon, meaning it's warm and humid year all year round. That said, there are still certain times of year that can be better for a visit than others, depending on how hot, cool or wet you like it.

Cooler temperatures

Usually the best and most popular time to visit Phuket is during the cooler NE monsoon season from November to March. Visitors will find lower humidity, and cool breezes to keep things comfortable. This is Phuket's high travel season, so crowds and prices will be at their peak.

Average temperatures are in the 75°F - 89°F (24°C - 32°C) range, heaven for visitors from wintery climates.

Hotter temperatures

Phuket's hottest months are April and May, with temperatures averaging 80°F – 95°F (27°C – 36°C). Frequent bursts of heavy thundershowers bring some relief, but to seriously cool off (around April 13th) check out the Songkran Festival celebrating the Thai New Year where festivities include throwing water on celebrants.

June, July and August see the crowds thin out a bit, and temperatures hovering around 70°F - 90°F (20°C – 33°C). The normal weather pattern includes brief, heavy showers, but plenty of sun in between for those wanting quality beach time. Since this is more of an off-peak travel season, prices tend to be lower during these months.


The rainy season in Phuket is September and early October, which is the low season for tourism. Crowds are sparse, making the beaches much quieter, and leaving more room at the popular hangouts for visitors to enjoy.

Although remembering to carry an umbrella everywhere is a prerequisite when visiting Phuket during these months, long, sunny breaks in between showers still means a great time on the beach, or enjoying outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Regardless of the 'season' — high, low, hot, cool — you always have a ton of things to do in Phuket, indoors or out.